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Our services are centered on durable floor markings that achieve our customers expectations. Years of experience in the industry have gained our knowledge of what it takes to install unparalleled floor markings.

Striping your facility requires close communication and execution. RBR Services has the experience and personnel of coordinating with your ongoing operation to carry out the work scope while having minimizing any down time in your operations.

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About this project

We take your place of business and operations seriously when performing our work and schedule accordingly.

Some of the benefits our customers have seen from our services are Increased Utilization, Decreased Material Damage, Employee Safety, OSHA Compliance, FDA Compliance and of course better overall appearance.

We also offer surface preparation services. Using shot blasting or diamond grinding, we can clean older floors of dirt, rubber, sealers, paint, mastics, epoxies and adhesives to prepare your concrete floor for applying lines, toppings and/or resealing. To ensure longevity of your floor markings, we profile the floor prior before striping to give the paint or epoxy lines better adhesion. If you simply have an old concrete floor that needs to be completely cleaned of years of grease dirt and abuse, we can clean and etch the floor in preparation, for epoxy striping or urethane sealers & other coatings.